Zhejiang Shaoxing Yuancheng Machine Co., Ltd. is located in historical and cultural city -- Shaoxing City and about 6km away from the exit of the Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway, 38.7km away from Xiaoshan International Airport, strategic location and convenient transportation.
Our company specialized production a series of supporting product such as Reel Type Silk Screen Printing Machine, Die Cutting Machine, Flexo Printing Machine, Auto Slitting Machine, etc. We have a professional technical team to provide high quality products and service. In order to meet the different demands in label print industry, our products feature with convenient operation, reasonable prices and high qualities.
The company have revised to the "integrity, professionalism, innovation" business philosophy and the "pursuit of excellence, to create fine" enterprise spirit. In the provision of products, we pay more attention to the after-sales service and technical support to create value for customers is our goal! 
At present, we have established a famous brand in China and the other brand has a competitive advantage. We hereby sincerely welcome your cooperation to create mutual benefits together.
It is a leading enterprise in the field of deform separation
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